Specialist Grommet and military dog Matty back together with help of American Humane Association

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  • Farm Animal Welfare

    The results of our 2014 Humane Heartland Farm Animal Welfare Survey are in! Almost 95% of respondents said they were "very concerned" about farm animal welfare, which is up from 89% last year

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  • Free veterinary care for military dogs announced!

    American Humane Association, the U.S. War Dogs Association, and New Jersey’s Red Bank Veterinary Hospital announced they will be providing free specialty veterinary care to all retiring military working dogs and contract working dogs.

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    Treat yourself and all your animal-loving friends, family, clients and co-workers to the heartwarming stories of your favorite animal stars, get pet-training tips from top trainers, and save lives by supporting our vital work. It’s a holiday present that feels good…and does good for animals everywhere. Ask for “Animal Stars” at your bookstore or order through Barnes & Noble or Amazon today!

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  • Who IS your dog?

    Find out and help American Humane Association

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