Preserving the rich web of life essential to the survival of all the creatures of Earth

Humane Conservation™ is a certification program of American Humane, the first national humane organization in America and the world’s largest certifier of the welfare and humane treatment of animals in working and other environments. When you see the Humane Conservation program’s Humane Certified™ logo, be assured that the facility meets the highest standards of animal care.

Escape from Extinction

American Humane’s inaugural 90-minute documentary throws a vitally important spotlight on critical efforts that may be among the last, best chances to save one million species on the verge of a catastrophic mass extinction.

Narrated by Academy Award, Tony and Emmy-Award-winner Helen Mirren, the film examines the work of the major zoological organizations that are racing against the clock to preserve the million species disappearing in today’s Sixth Mass Extinction.

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News & Updates

Dispatches from the Front Lines of Humane Certified

Despite the seemingly omnipresent nature of bad news, there are stories of hope and healing hidden beneath the front page. This week, for example, conservation officials in China announced that giant pandas are no longer considered an endangered species. Long a poster child for the conservation movement, these docile creatures are loved around the world. While we celebrate a brighter…
Hayden Frye / July 22, 2021

American Humane Applauds the Biden Administration for Protecting Endangered Pacific Humpback Whales

April 29, 2021 — American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization, is applauding the recent final rule, issued by the Biden administration, protecting 116,098 square nautical miles of the Pacific Ocean as critical habitat for three populations of endangered humpback whales. This critical rule will protect whales from ship strikes, entanglements with fishing nets and oil spills. “Humpback whales…
April 29, 2021