Preserving the rich web of life essential to the survival of all the creatures of Earth

Humane Conservation™ is a certification program of American Humane, the first national humane organization in America and the world’s largest certifier of the welfare and humane treatment of animals in working and other environments. When you see the Humane Conservation program’s Humane Certified™ logo, be assured that the facility meets the highest standards of animal care.

The Kiessling Prize

The Wolfgang Kiessling International Prize is an annually bestowed global award, dedicated to bringing worldwide attention and support to significant achievements in the field of conservation practice, theory, and research that add substantially to humankind’s efforts and knowledge for the benefit of all life on Earth.

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Escape from Extinction

American Humane’s inaugural 90-minute documentary throws a vitally important spotlight on critical efforts that may be among the last, best chances to save one million species on the verge of a catastrophic mass extinction.

Narrated by Academy Award, Tony and Emmy-Award-winner Helen Mirren, the film examines the work of the major zoological organizations that are racing against the clock to preserve the million species disappearing in today’s Sixth Mass Extinction.

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News & Updates

Wildlife Conservation Day and International Cheetah Day

December 4th marks Wildlife Conservation Day. Established by the U.S. State Department in 2012, this day seeks to raise awareness about preserving Earth’s most vulnerable species. It reminds us of our moral obligation to protect the animals that enrich our planet and our lives. One of the most well-known endangered species is the cheetah–and as luck would have it, today…
December 4, 2022

Specialized Disaster Response Network Assisted Zoological Parks Damaged by Hurricane Ian

This is a guest blog written by Mandy Matson, Communications Volunteer for Zoological Disaster Response, Rescue, and Recovery  Hurricane Ian did not just destroy human homes; it damaged Florida zoos, aquariums, and other facilities that house non-domestic animals. Hurricane-strength winds and tornadoes the storm spawned left sites littered with downed trees and damaged electrical infrastructure. Personnel at devastated facilities were…
Mandy Matson  / November 8, 2022