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From injured and abandoned, to a loving forever home.

An innocent three-year-old pup named Penny was recently seen heartlessly being dumped on the side of the road in New Jersey, bleeding from a presumed gunshot wound, desperately hoping someone would come to her rescue. Luckily, the good Samaritan who witnessed her abandonment immediately contacted Animal Control and she was rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic.

The veterinarian believed she was either shot or intentionally impaled before being left to die. Penny spent several days at the vet, barely holding on, but she never gave up hope. Today, she has made a full recovery and is loving her new life with her forever family.

At American Humane, we stand firm in our belief that all animals deserve compassion and humane treatment. Animals like Penny, who, despite suffering unimaginable cruelty, can find resilience and love in a second chance at life.

Through American Humane’s Second Chance® grant, Penny was able to receive the urgent and critical care she needed, including cleaning her severe wound, monitoring her much-needed weight gain, and helping to socialize and regain the trust of humans.

After suffering so much fear and cruelty in her life, Penny is learning to trust and love again. She continues to thrive and is finally receiving the love, care, and comfort she truly deserves. She has been adopted by a loving family who welcomed her into their home and gave her the new name Bambi. The family shared that Bambi is adjusting well. She enjoys playing the role of little sister to their other dog and when the family comes home, she welcomes them with spins of excitement.

Your support is invaluable in providing innocent animals like Penny with the second chance they deserve and enables us to continue all our lifesaving and impactful programs for animals everywhere.

Thank you for your compassion and support.

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