People should be able to find humanely raised dairy, meat, and egg products that are both safe and affordable

If you’re like most Americans, you care about the welfare and treatment of the animals on our farms and ranches. In fact, in a national survey conducted by the American Humane, an overwhelming 94.9% of 5,400 participants said they were concerned about the welfare of animals in U.S. agriculture.

At American Humane, we believe people should be able to follow their food preference and find humanely raised dairy, meat, and egg products that are both safe and affordable.

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American Humane Certified™ Producer Spotlight: Springer Mountain Farms

American Humane was founded in 1877 on the belief that ALL animals – those in our homes, those in service to our country, and those on our farms and ranches – deserve humane treatment. In fact, we’ve been working for more than 140 years to improve the welfare of farm animals and created the country’s first largest, and most trusted…
September 26, 2017

VOTE to Help Animal-Friendly Dairy Win Award!

Clover Sonoma was the first dairy in America to step forward and become certified for the humane treatment of its cows under the American Humane Certified seal. Thanks to producers like Clover Sonoma, nearly one billion animals are now covered under the American Humane Certified program, the nation’s first independent, third-party farm animal welfare effort. To become certified, farmers and…
June 9, 2017