American Humane adheres to the highest levels of governance, transparency and compliance as demonstrated by the Sound Governance Principles adopted by its Board of Directors.

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Sound Governance Principles

As Board and senior staff members of American Humane, we agree to conform to and abide by the following principles:

Service to Our Stakeholders—We will:

  • Carry out the duties for our positions as stipulated in our Bylaws, Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, and all other applicable policies and procedures
  • Prepare for and attend Board meetings regularly
  • Show independent judgment
  • Remain informed about activities affecting us
  • Delegate only to responsible individuals
  • Follow up regularly to assure completion of delegated responsibilities

Accountability—We will strive to ensure:

  • Full compliance with our Bylaws, Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, and all other applicable policies, procedures, and laws
  • Sound fiduciary management, by regularly reviewing financial statements and the annual independent auditor’s report
  • Reasonable conformity to the board-approved budgets and demonstration of fiscal responsibility
    Normal, customary, and appropriate internal controls, including segregation of duties
  • Competitive bidding for all major expenditures
  • Adherence to the generally-recognized standards of conduct for not-for-profit board members:
    • Duty of Care (care that ‘an ordinarily prudent person would exercise in a like position and under similar circumstances’)
    • Duty of Loyalty (allegiance to the organization when making decisions affecting the organization)
    • Duty of Obedience (ensure that the organization remains obedient to its central purposes)
  • A continued awareness that Officers and Board members have a significant fiduciary responsibility
    Protection of confidential information

Conflicts of Interest—We will remain vigilant and respond appropriately:

Should an actual or potential conflict of interest arise with a Board or senior staff member, the Board or senior staff member shall disclose the conflict in accordance with our Conflict of Interest Policy and refrain from participation in the vote on the matter

Transparency—We will:

  • Maintain complete and accurate records of all Board meetings and actions
  • Make available our audited financials and annual reports, and a public version of our 990s
  • Adhere to all laws and IRS requirements pertaining to transparency

Adopted by the American Humane Board of Directors