Humane Hollywood™

Humane Hollywood™

American Humane monitors over 1,000 productions per year, helping ensure the safety and humane treatment of animal actors.

Since 1877, American Humane has been at the forefront of every major advance in protecting animals from abuse and neglect. Today we’re also leading the way in understanding human-animal interaction and its role in society. American Humane advocates for the American values of caring, compassion and hope. Our programs enrich our communities, prevent abuse of animals, and embrace the power of the human-animal bond.

American Humane works in association with the American film and TV industry to help ensure the well-being of animal actors and promote the human-animal bond. They are on the set to protect animal actors.

American Humane also celebrates the achievements of extraordinary dogs across the country with its annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards™. In addition, the organization enlists and works with many celebrities who speak on behalf of the voiceless that American Humane aims to protect.

Humane Hollywood™ Initiatives

“No Animals Were Harmed”

American Humane monitors animals in filmed media and holds the exclusive right to award its “No Animals Were Harmed”® end-credit certification to productions that meet its rigorous standard of care…

Pawscars Awards

Animal stars are some of America’s most treasured institutions, and our PAWSCARS Awards pay tribute to the best furry, winged and scaled acting performers from not only the past year,…

Celebrity Supporters

Working with American Humane, many celebrities offer their voices and high-profile statuses to champion the causes of the voiceless. American Humane has a team of National Ambassadors, celebrity judges, and…

News & Updates

From Heartfelt to Hilarious, This Year’s Superbowl Ads Speak to the Human/Animal Bond

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us! It’s not only a special day for sports fans across the country, but it’s a celebration for animal lovers as well. If you’re wondering what the correlation between football and the animal kingdom could be, suffice it to say that nothing brings animals and sports closer together than annual Super Bowl commercials. Yep, even…
Chad Byrnes / February 10, 2022

Some Super Ads for the Super Bowl

This year’s much anticipated Super Bowl ads are spilling over with both humor and genuine heart – two things we can certainly use right now. Oh, and don’t forget about our amazing furry friends. Seriously, what would Super Bowl commercials be without our pals from the animal kingdom to help with the cute factor? Let’s just say they’d have to…
Chad Byrnes / February 5, 2021