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Military Dog Team Reunifications

American Humane honors the lifesaving contributions of all veterans, including the four-legged military dogs who risk their lives in courageously serving our country.

After years of being classified as “equipment” with thousands of military dogs being disposed of or left overseas, American Humane worked with Congress to require that military working dogs be brought back to U.S. soil upon retirement and that their handlers and their families be given first rights of adoption.

Unfortunately, these canine veterans are still sometimes separated from their human counterparts, who cared for and fought alongside them on the battlefield. American Humane is committed to reuniting these retired military hero dogs with their former handlers. After everything these battle buddies have sacrificed for our country, it’s the very least our country—and we at American Humane—can do in return.

To ensure that all our heroes come home, American Humane is working to bring back retired military dogs and reunite them with their former handlers. We help raise funds to pay for these heroes’ transport home, where the once-inseparable pair can be reunited and enjoy the peace and freedom they earned. The benefits to both soldier and dog are immeasurable and we can make sure that the K-9 veterans who served our country receive the hero’s welcome, dignified retirement, and loving, forever home they so richly deserve.

America’s bravest men, women, children, and military animals give so much to our country but need your support! Help us thank these heroes for their selfless service by contributing today to make these reunions a reality. Your gift today can help these heroes – and our nation. For more information, please contact us at 1-866-242-1877 or [email protected].

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News & Updates

MWD Chickel Retires to Forever Home in North Carolina

This week, American Humane staff had the unique honor of facilitating the reunion of two battle buddies, retired Military Working Dog Chickel and U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Kyle Johnson. The reunion took place in pastoral North Carolina, where SSgt. Kyle’s family welcomed Chickel to their home. SSgt. Kyle Johnson with his young daughter and MWD Chickel. The pair served…
Hayden Frye / July 29, 2021

Heroic MWD Popeye Reunited with Former Handler in Las Vegas

Last week, American Humane had the honor of bringing home retired Military Working Dog Popeye to his former handler and best friend, U.S. Army veteran Michael Steponovich. The reunion, which took place at The Mirage in Las Vegas, brought together Mr. Steponovich’s friends and coworkers, marking the emotional day with camaraderie. Mike and Popeye. Former U.S. Army Specialist Steponovich worked…
Hayden Frye / May 25, 2021