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Heroes Home for the Holidays

The bond that military working dogs have with their military handlers is like nothing you can imagine. They must protect each other, trust each other and depend on one another to survive dangerous situations while serving our country.

Unfortunately, these courageous K-9s usually become separated from their human counterparts, who cared for and fought alongside them on the battlefield.

American Humane is committed to reuniting retired military dogs with their former handlers. After everything these battle buddies have sacrificed for our country, it’s the very least we can do in return. This year, seven retired military hero dogs are, first the first time ever, home for the holidays!

MWD Anjin, MWD Bogi, MWD Chickel, MWD Irk, MWD Luna, MWD Popeye and MWD Xxanthe will ring in the new year with the person they love best – their former handler and forever best friend. And they will never spend a holiday alone again.

There’s nothing that can replace the feeling of having your best friend by your side, and all military working dogs deserve to have their dreams come true.

With your help, we can grant more holiday wishes in 2022! Make a gift at to bring more of our brave K-9 heroes home where they belong.

America's two and four legged veterans served us - now let's serve them.