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Second Chance® Fund

Each day, an alarming number of animal abuse or neglect cases occur across the country. Many times, local shelters and humane societies are forced to cover the cost to medically treat these abused animals, and, as a result, shelters accrue high -- sometimes overwhelming -- medical bills. American Humane Association's Second Chance Fund helps offset the cost of treating homeless animal victims of abuse or neglect.

Emergency Services

Every day, emergencies take place -- natural disasters, large-scale animal abuse cases, puppy mill seizures. When disasters strike, animals are too often left in jeopardy. Many perish. American Humane's Red Star Animal Emergency Services® responds to emergencies across the country to rescue, treat and shelter animals. We also help people prepare for disasters before they strike. When the unthinkable happens, we make sure vulnerable animals will stay safe.

Farm Animal Welfare

The food you eat may be organic or from animals that were raised "cage-free." But were the animals that produced your food treated humanely? The American Humane® Certified program ensures that farm animals are given a "humane touch." American Humane works with meat, poultry, egg and dairy producers, guaranteeing customers that the products they select are from animals that were raised and treated humanely throughout their lives.

No Animals Were Harmed®

In movies, television shows and commercials, animals are featured as loveable sidekicks and key characters, enriching every plot and celebrating the human-animal bond. But who makes sure these animals are treated humanely and that their needs for food, water, safety and security are met? American Humane's Film & TV Unit has monitored the animal action on sets since 1941. From the mightiest of horses, to the smallest of rodents, American Humane makes sure "No Animals Were Harmed."

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