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  • Staff Sergeant Summer, the 2021 Military Hero Dog

    Savannah Young / September 2, 2021
    Seven years ago, Sergeant Micah Jones went to Dulles International Airport to pick up his new coworker – a yellow Labrador named Summer who would be helping him search for…
  • Sobee, the 2021 Service Hero Dog

    Savannah Young / September 1, 2021
    Sobee was only two days away from euthanasia, living in an over-crowded shelter in Georgia, when she was rescued by K9’s on the Front Line and given the chance to…
  • Little Man, the 2021 Search and Rescue Hero Dog

    Savannah Young / August 27, 2021
    Little Man, a pit bull from Oklahoma City, is the 2021 Search and Rescue Hero Dog, and his beginning foreshadowed the career to come. In 2013, a devastating tornado ripped…
  • Meet Henna, the 2021 Guide/Hearing Hero Dog

    Hayden Frye / August 25, 2021
    Heroic canines can do so much to enrich human lives and experiences, including giving their handlers a new leash on life. Henna, a German Shepherd, is a beloved hearing and…
  • Meet Deputy Chance, the 2021 Shelter Hero Dog

    Hayden Frye / August 19, 2021
    The darkest of circumstances can throw the brightest of heroes into relief. Before being rescued by local authorities, Chance was a victim of animal abuse in Lee County, Florida. Chance,…
  • Boone, the 2021 Therapy Hero Dog

    Savannah Young / August 17, 2021
    Boone may have lost his back legs, but he never stopped smiling and spreading his infectious joy to those around him. After surviving heartbreaking cruelty as a puppy, Boone’s life…
  • Service Dogs Providing Hope

    Savannah Young / August 10, 2021
    As anxiety around developing COVID variants continues, we can all use some happy news, especially when it’s centered around hope and love. Today, we are thrilled to bring you the…