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  • Texas Enforces Stronger Animal Cruelty Legislation

    Savannah Young / November 9, 2021
    To prevent animal neglect, governments across the globe must enforce stricter legislation that will penalize abusers. As much as Americans love their pets, legal protections for our furry best friends…
  • American Humane in Action!

    Savannah Young / November 4, 2021
    For more than 145 years, American Humane has been First to Serve animals, whenever and wherever they are in need. Now, we are giving families across the country the opportunity…
  • Keep Halloween Fun (and Not Scary) for Your Pets

    Savannah Young / October 28, 2021
    Halloween is in just a few days, which means frightening family fun from costume contests to trick-or-treating! Although Halloween is filled with light-hearted tricks and treats, it’s important to keep…
  • Military Working Dog Irk Comes Home

    Savannah Young / October 19, 2021
    Yesterday, Military Working Dog Irk – a 9-year-old German Shepherd – finally came home, straight into the loving arms of his former handler and best friend, Staff Sergeant Sheridyn Rupp.…
  • This October, Be a Hero to Dogs Young and Old

    Savannah Young / October 5, 2021
    For thousands of years, dogs have been our best friends, our protectors and often our personal heroes. That is why each October, since 1981, American Humane has encouraged animal lovers…
  • Renewed Urgency in the Fight for Conservation

    Hayden Frye / September 30, 2021
    On Wednesday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it believes 23 bird, fish, mollusk and plant species are extinct. A sad day for conservationists, it is a sobering…