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American Humane Rescue Team Called in to Assist in Guam following Typhoon

American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization was called into action to assist with critical relief efforts in Guam in the wake of typhoon Mawar. Our team is on the ground in Guam assisting and are focused on the safety and well-being of displaced animals in several communities on the island. We are helping with animal rescues, reunifications and animal control issues.

Amidst the chaos, are animals in need, voiceless and vulnerable. We’ve rescued many dogs and our experts are also training local animal control staff in advanced techniques to enhance their effectiveness and safety in the field.

An island endemic species that’s faced the brink of extinction is also affected by the typhoon’s aftermath. The island’s critically endangered ko’ko’ bird (also known as Guam rail) is another focus of American’ Humane efforts including working on permanent measures to help the species increase populations. We cannot let this species disappear from Earth!

The team is also collaborating with the Department of Agriculture Animal Health division and working alongside animal control officers and have been on-site since July 24 and will work through Aug. 2.

The challenges in these moments of crisis are formidable, and American Humane is grateful for the support of Americans across the globe whose donations support these efforts to help the most vulnerable and innocent animals.

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