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Join American Humane in Celebrating the 109th “Be Kind to Animals Week”

Join American Humane in Celebrating the 109th “Be Kind to Animals Week” 

American Humane is excited to kick off the 109th annual Be Kind to Animals Week®, which runs from May 5 to May 11. Be Kind to Animals Week®, established by American Humane in 1915, is the longest running commemorative holiday in the United States. 

Throughout its long history, Be Kind to Animals Week® has included well-known participants from Presidents to some of the most well-known actors. In 1922, President Harding issued an official proclamation commemorating the holiday. In 1936, famed childhood star Shirley Temple served as the junior chair of Be Kind to Animals Week®, urging motorists to avoid animals crossing roadways. Comedy legend Carol Burnett was named “National Kindness Champion” in 1972 and shared tips for first-time pet adopters.  

It is an incredible tradition that you can also become a part of. 

American Humane believes in building a better future for the animals who enrich our lives and planet every day. That’s why, during Be Kind to Animals Week®, we are asking animal advocates everywhere to take our “Kindness Pledge”—which outlines four simple but signification ways you can protect animals. 

  • Purchase humanely raised foods that have the American Humane Certified™ seal to support farms that treat animals with a high standard of care; 
  • Adopt from a shelter/rescue, and when choosing small, “nontraditional” animal companions (such as reptiles, small mammals, fish, and amphibians), find them at an American Humane Certified™ pet provider; 
  • Choose to watch movies and television shows that have earned the “No Animals Were Harmed®” end credit verifying the protection of animal actors; 
  • Visit American Humane Certified™ zoos, aquariums, and conservation centers, which are caring for many endangered and disappearing species. 

American Humane also believes educating the next generation is a critical way to build a better future for animals. That’s why we have developed materials that affirm the human-animal bond, as well as promote ways young Americans can contribute to animal safety. 

The materials include lesson plans for students (ages preschool through grade 5) that incorporate creative writing prompts, coloring pages, and math and language worksheets for parents and teachers to share with their young ones. All worksheets follow the Common Core Standards and there are also posters available to download and feature in your home or classroom. 

This Be Kind to Animals Week® let us celebrate the animals who bring us joy and love by returning the favor. 


Be a voice of compassion and encourage others to join you in taking the pledge to create a better world for all of Earth’s creatures on social media, using the hashtag #BeKindToAnimalsWeek 

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