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American Humane on the Set of Super Bowl LVIII Commercials

The Super Bowl isn’t just a showcase of top-tier NFL competition; it’s also a battleground for the nation’s leading brands, each vying for the crown of best television commercial. These ads span a wide emotional range, sparking laughter, tears, and gasps of wonder from audiences nationwide. And what’s the secret ingredient to hitting all those emotional notes? Animals, of course! Our four-legged friends frequently emerge as the stars of the most beloved Super Bowl spots. As American Humane proudly ensures these animal actors receive the care and respect they deserve on set, we were closely involved with several standout commercials from Super Bowl LVIII. Each featured commercial not only captured hearts but also met our stringent standards to earn the prestigious ‘No Animals Were Harmed®’ certification. Let’s dive into some of the unforgettable animal-starring ads from this year’s Super Bowl, showcasing the best in both entertainment and animal welfare.

Pluto TV | Couch Potato Farm

SquareSpace | Hello Down There

Budweiser | Old School Delivery

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