Protecting Those Who Protect Us

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Five-Star Programs for America's Military Heroes

For nearly a century, American Humane Association has worked with our nation's military heroes, helping them on the battlefield and on the home front. In 1916 the U.S. Secretary of War asked American Humane Association to rescue wounded horses on the battlefields of Europe to help the soldiers who depended on them for supply and transport. Following World War II we pioneered the field of animal-assisted therapy to help returning veterans readjust to civilian life, and help children of military families during their parents' deployments.

We continue this proud legacy today with powerful programs to protect those who protect us and help our veterans redeploy their unparalleled experience, skills and know-how here at home to defend the defenseless and build a more humane world for all of us. Here's how American Humane Association is helping our military heroes, their families, and our nation:

Helping Military Veterans
Wags4Patriots: Service dogs for service members

Helping Military Families
Comfort and healing for America's littlest heroes

Helping Bring All Heroes Home
Reuniting military dogs with their handlers

Helping on the Home Front
Redeploying veterans to serve at home

Helping Build a Humane World
Preparing a new generation to protect and serve

How You Can Help

America's bravest men, women, children, and military animals give so much to our country but need your support! Your gift today can help these heroes – and our nation. For more information, please contact us at 1-866-242-1877 or

Help Us Serve America's Heroes

These programs have the potential to change the lives of so many of our brave soldiers, their families and our four-legged veterans. But we need your support to:

  • Increase the number of certified service dogs working with veterans diagnosed with PTSD.
  • Increase the number of certified animal-assisted therapy teams at nationwide summer camps for children of military families and year-round weekend family retreats that help veterans successfully reintegrate into family life.
  • Cover the costs of bringing home military war dogs and reuniting them with their handlers or finding loving, forever homes for these hero dogs.
  • Train veterans to redeploy on the home front by using their skills in our Red Star emergency services program and humane education programs to help children, animals, and communities.
  • Draw on veterans' wealth of experience, skills, and know-how to teach the next generation to defend the defenseless through national humane education campaigns.
  • Conduct life-saving research on effective approaches to battling PTSD and other threats to the health of our military and their families
  • Spread awareness of these innovative programs to military and veterans groups, service dog organizations, and all those in need.

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