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Adopt-A-Dog Month®

What Can An Adopted Dog Bring To Your Life?

Since 1981, American Humane has celebrated “Adopt-a-Dog Month®” each October in an effort to help the estimated 3-4 million animals waiting in shelters every year get the loving, forever homes that they deserve.

Be a hero this month and adopt a dog from your local shelter or rescue group. You’ll be saving his or her life and greatly improving your own as dogs are amazing, supportive, and heroic companions.


Whether you’re adopting your first dog or bringing home yet another to add to your family, American Humane wants to ensure you’re prepared for the energetic – and sometimes messy – life with your new best friend.

Ready to adopt? Find a shelter near you!

Your local shelter is the perfect place to find dogs of every breed, size, age and personality — all waiting for a loving home. Or if you prefer a particular breed that isn’t currently available at a shelter, go online to find a legitimate breed-specific rescue group in need of adopters like you.

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This Adopt-A-Dog Month, Be a Hero

For thousands of years, dogs have been our best friends, our protectors, and often our personal heroes. That is why each October, since 1981, American Humane has encouraged animal lovers to repay the favor by adopting a dog from a local shelter or rescue group during our annual “Adopt-a-Dog Month®.” It’s that time of year again, and today, we call…
Savannah Young / October 1, 2020

Addressing Behavior Issues with Dogs

Whether you have a new dog in your home or your current pup is acting up, it can be overwhelming when Fido is misbehaving and you don’t know what to do. But before you start any corrective training, make a plan with all the members of your household and make sure they can all keep to it – routines, consistency…
October 26, 2018