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Some Super Ads for the Super Bowl

This year’s much anticipated Super Bowl ads are spilling over with both humor and genuine heart – two things we can certainly use right now. Oh, and don’t forget about our amazing furry friends. Seriously, what would Super Bowl commercials be without our pals from the animal kingdom to help with the cute factor? Let’s just say they’d have to use some pretty adorable human actors! Even though it’s been one of the toughest years in our collective experience, American Humane was still on set to make sure “No Animals Were Harmed®” in the best Super Bowl ads of 2021! So get ready to delve into some weirdness with Maya Rudolph, comic madness with Will Ferrell and some extra, unexpected tenderness from Budweiser.

Klarna: “Four Quarter-Sized Cowboys” – Beware, your eyes might pop out of your head when you behold the weirdness that is the new Klarna commercial. The popular app which allows you to make payments on online purchases has once again outdone themselves. Are those four mini-horses galloping into an archaic Western town? Yes! And is that a composite of Maya Rudolph on each horse?? Yes, it is! This is one outlandish spot that made me spit out my potato chips in awe-struck laughter. Warning: It must be viewed several times on YouTube for the full effect.


Budweiser: “Bigger Picture”
This year’s Budweiser Superbowl spot takes a left turn from its traditional Clydesdale motif and shoots straight for the heart by speaking to one of the most difficult times in the history of this country, and the world.  This time, Budweiser simply shows everyday Americans making the best of our new situation in dealing with Covid-19. One of these sequences includes a man on a Zoom business call when his dog jumps on him and licks his face. Let’s just call it the new way of doing business. At the end of the ad, Budweiser informs the audience that instead of showing their traditional commercial, they’re redirecting their funds to awareness for the Covid-19 vaccines. Budweiser surprises us again.


Dexcom: “Rant”
This spot regarding the popular phone application for people with diabetes features a drone, a leather-jacket-clad Nick Jonas and a dog riding around the kitchen on a robotic vacuum. It’s a fun, playful spot, and the dog actually looks as peaceful as the Dalai Lama as he rambunctiously rides around. In fact, our Certified Animal Safety Representative reports that the dog couldn’t wait to get back on for another ride!


General Motors: “No Way, Norway”
The new General Motors commercial poses the question: Why does Will Ferrell hate Norway so much? The hilarious new spot, which promotes GM’s Ultium battery system and EV platform, depicts an incredibly frustrated Ferrell who wants to find out why Norway sells more electric cars per capita than our whole country combined! With the help of celebrity pals like Awkwafina and Kenan Thompson, Ferrell is determined to find out what makes Norway so special. Just make sure not to get your car stuck in a snowstorm with a reindeer nearby. American Humane was on set with the adorable reindeer and awesome crew to make sure No Animals Were Harmed® on their voyage to Norway!


Protecting our animal stars for more than 80 years, American Humane salutes these companies’ creativity and compassion. No matter who prevails on the field, these spots are real winners.

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