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Nobody's Going to Pull a Stunt Like This Again

Since 1939 -- when a horse died after being forced to jump off a cliff during the filming of Jesse James -- producers and filmmakers have turned to American Humane Association to ensure that animals on their sets are treated humanely.

The field of production involves countless rules and procedures, along with the nuances of on-set protocol. The field of animals involves its own set of rules and procedures, which can sometimes conflict with the creative or financial expectations of a production. American Humane Association’s Film & TV Unit is savvy in both areas and has nurtured the delicate balance between the two. Whether you need an information resource, a media liaison or an animal advisor, let American Humane Association be your guide regarding the safe use of animals on set. Please contact us to learn how we can serve your production needs.

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Producers and Filmmakers work with American Humane Association because:

They care about human and animal safety.

American Humane Association not only acts as the animals’ safety representative, but also protects both animal actors and cast/crew members interacting with the animals.

They know that budgets and time crunches can spell danger for human and animal cast members. American Humane Association ensures that these pressures don’t compromise the safety or care of the animals.

They care about the credibility of their productions.

Controversy and bad press can affect a production’s success. American Humane Association spends hundreds of hours every year responding to rumors and accusations both on and off set for the distribution life of a production.

Accidents and deaths due to natural causes can happen, despite everyone’s best efforts. American Humane Association verifies what happened and serves as the professional, credible, and objective witness.

They want to promote their films.

Ratings from American Humane Association can help increase the film's distribution. Some distributors will not market a production without a disclaimer from American Humane Association, and networks often require a sign-off letter from American Humane Association before airing commercials with animals.

American Humane Association's film reviews promote the production and provide interesting behind-the-scenes information regarding the treatment of the animals and the animal action.

Why American Humane Association?

American Humane Association is the only organization authorized to issue the “No Animals Were Harmed”™ End Credit Disclaimer. As such, American Humane Association sets the Industry Standard in the humane treatment of animals.

Contacting a local humane organization does NOT satisfy the producer’s obligation to the safety and well-being of animals.

American Humane Association’s Guidelines cover ALL animals, whether they are supplied by a professional trainer, historic re-enactor, props department, extra, or crew member.

How do productions become registered?

  • Register Your Production: If you will be using animals in your production, click here.
  • Guidelines: To get information about American Humane Association's Guidelines for the Safe Use of Animals in Filmed Entertainment, click here.
  • International Filming: If you are registering an international production, click here.

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