For Emergency Management Professionals

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Consulting is a key service provided by American Humane Association to the emergency management community. Our planning support for Animal Emergency Operations goes beyond a generic plan, it is a comprehensive service designed to specifically tailor the planning process to an individual jurisdiction. Because of our experience and long history of responses, we frequently help at the local and state level in the development of emergency plans that include animals. This involves creating or reviewing the plan, coordinating between emergency managers and their animal control and animal welfare partners, review and development of animal emergency policies and procedures, and creating jurisdiction-specific emergency response tabletop exercises, which we are available to facilitate.

The success of American Humane Association’s Red Star Animal Emergency Services program — as measured by our results in protecting and saving lives, as well as by the professional relationships we build with the agencies we assist — is due to our functioning as a full-service, self-sustaining resource composed of both state-of-the-art physical equipment and highly qualified personnel. We pride ourselves in seeking out the best people for the job, drawing from our expert staff and our nationwide network of experienced, specially trained and well-qualified volunteers.

The Red Star team is designed to arrive on scene shortly after a disaster, integrate into the established Incident Command System (ICS) structure, and perform the requested duties. We deliver a well-qualified, disaster-tested, self-sustaining team of credentialed animal emergency response personnel and specialized equipment to get the job done efficiently, effectively and safely. That means we apply our unique expertise and resources to the entire cycle of activities — search and rescue, sheltering, reuniting and re-homing animals, and supporting local animal shelters in recovery efforts.

Animal Emergency Services Training

Anyone who loves animals and is passionate about their well-being in the event of a disaster can benefit from our animal-handling training.

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