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Fall 2020 Newsletter

Friends –

The summer of 2020 has been extraordinarily challenging for both people and animals. The coronavirus pandemic not only made it logistically more difficult to carry out our usual work of saving and improving the lives of the creatures with whom we share the Earth, it also presented new threats to animals around the globe, from household pets facing abandonment as a result of unfounded fears to wildlife made more vulnerable to poaching.

American Humane, you will be glad to know, stepped up to the challenge. We debunked untrue rumors about COVID-19 that were causing owners to abandon their pets, undertook a successful national media blitz to encourage people to adopt or foster a “pandemic pet” during the crisis, and launched a major campaign to feed one million animals left behind in shelters during this national crisis.

And because this global catastrophe was the result of terrible animal cruelty in unhygienic and inhumane “wet markets,” we unveiled a new global manifesto – A New Deal for Animals, People and the World We Share: A 10-point Plan to Build a Humane and Ethical World – calling on the peoples of the world to renew and strengthen the social contract human beings must have with the Earth’s animals. We strongly urge you to go to our website and add your support.

To cheer your soul and lift your spirits, we are also celebrating a remarkable “baby boom” at American Humane CertifiedTM zoological facilities with new life helping replenish the world’s remarkable and endangered species. Inside, you’ll find just a few of the thousands of survival stories we’re helping bring about through our worldwide humane conservation program, including the debuts of a baby giraffe, an adorable California sea lion pup, and a spunky little tapir calf, who, because of his endearing oval-shaped body and horizontal stripes just had to be named “Watermelon.”

And because we have all lived through such a trying year, which separated so many friends and families and made us value the animal heroes in our lives even more, you will be thrilled by the premiere of our 10th annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards®, airing on Hallmark Channel on October 19. This hero- and star-studded celebration of animals is just what we all need right now. Check your local listings for changes and exact broadcast times.

I hope you enjoy our latest stories of compassion, hope and love. Please follow American Humane on social media for the latest breaking news and inspiring tales from the animal world. On behalf of each and every one of the beautiful creatures we help every day, thank you for your care and support!

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