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  • American Humane Gives the Gift of Life

    Savannah Young / February 9, 2021
    For 144 years, American Humane has been helping animals in need. We are first to serve, and that has remained true throughout the coronavirus pandemic. This includes helping the many…
  • Some Super Ads for the Super Bowl

    Chad Byrnes / February 5, 2021
    This year’s much anticipated Super Bowl ads are spilling over with both humor and genuine heart – two things we can certainly use right now. Oh, and don’t forget about…
  • Groundhog Day

    Savannah Young / February 2, 2021
    We have all heard of Groundhog Day, but do you know who the furry forecaster who rules the day really is? We would like to introduce you to Punxsutawney Phil,…
  • The 2021 Hero Vet Awards Launch Tomorrow!

    Savannah Young / January 26, 2021
    For millions of Americans, animals are not just our best friends, but our personal heroes, and behind every hero pet is a hero veterinarian or hero veterinary nurse. These often…
  • Mission Metamorphosis | Effective Delegating

    Hayden Frye / January 21, 2021
    In her new book Mission Metamorphosis, American Humane’s president and CEO Dr. Robin Ganzert tells the story of her tenure at American Humane and offers insightful, actionable advice for nonprofit leadership.…
  • Walk Your Dog This Month and Every Month

    Savannah Young / January 19, 2021
    When we are inside on beautiful, warm days, the outside calls to us, and it’s easy to jump off our couches and take our pups for a long walk. However,…
  • Resolve to Support Humane Farming in 2021

    Hayden Frye / January 14, 2021
    An overwhelming majority of American adults – some 189 million by one count – are resolved to do things differently in 2021. New Year’s resolutions can be big or small,…
  • The Path to One Million Meals

    Savannah Young / January 12, 2021
    The coronavirus pandemic impacted businesses and organizations across the United States, including animal shelters and rescues. Although shelters in big cities reported high adoption numbers, rural shelters were instead seeing…