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Cat Lovers Across the Country, Unite!

This June is American Humane’s 45th annual Adopt-A-Cat Month®, and it is more important than ever before. While June always marks the height of “kitten season,” when large litters of kittens are born and often end up in animal shelters, the current coronavirus pandemic is further threatening these beautiful animals. Given this crisis, the Winn Feline Foundation has pledged a challenge grant in support of Adopt-A-Cat Month®. We are so grateful for the Winn Feline Foundation’s assistance, and we hope that cat lovers across the country will be inspired to match this generous grant.

Like every other business or organization in America, rescue shelters are adapting in order to maintain their basic services and care for their animal residents. Their primary base of revenue, contributions and events, have dropped dramatically, especially those in rural and low-income areas. While many animal shelters across the country have reported upticks in applications to foster and adopt dogs and cats, rural facilities aren’t necessarily seeing the increased interest in adopting and fostering animals that urban shelters have reported. In addition, animal shelters are struggling more to place cats into forever homes, compared to dogs.

“Winn Feline Foundation realizes that this has been a very difficult and unique year for everyone.  Our Board of Directors wanted to recognize the support we have received and continue to receive from our donors and partners, by paying it forward so to speak,” says Julie Legred, CVT, Winn Feline Foundation’s Executive Director.  “We know that there are many cats and kittens in need of caring homes especially this time of year and wanted to extend our efforts outside of our normal focus of feline health research and help them find these loving homes and pet parents that want to ensure they get the best possible love and care.”

Animal shelters are swamped on a normal basis, with approximately 3.2 million cats entering U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Now, these numbers are even higher. As people continue to lose their jobs and face their own struggles during this unprecedented time, cats continue to be abandoned. The Win Feline Foundation is partnering with us to bring attention to this urgent need to help cats that are homeless and suffering.

How can you help? Cat lovers and feline enthusiasts, join us by donating money to match the Winn Feline Foundation’s grant, or by giving a cat or kitten a forever home. By fostering or adopting a cat today, you can relieve stress on your local animal shelter and bring a purr-fect source of solace and joy into your home. You will not only save a life, but also end up with a new best friend.

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