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Fall 2023 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As the dog days of summer are gone, we are reminded that our favorite season is upon us – the season to celebrate heroes on both ends of the leash! The 13th Annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards will be held on November 10 where America’s Top Dog will be honored and unconditional love will be celebrated. This annual event holds a special place in my heart, as it recognizes the exceptional achievements of our canine companions – ordinary dogs who do extraordinary things. This year’s event will be our best year ever with amazing dogs and their stories of courage, heroism, and love. The festivities will be broadcasted nationally on A&E and fyi, during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Our very own “Oscars® for Canines” is the ultimate way to celebrate man’s best friend. I invite you to join us for the event, or tune in to our national television special!

And while summer is now over, storm season threatens our communities, our families and our precious animals. The summer months were marked by record-breaking temperatures and natural disasters across the globe including the heartbreaking devastation in Hawaii and Guam. These are indeed unprecedented times, and I am always immensely proud of the heroic endeavors undertaken by our rescue teams who deploy in times of disaster. In Guam, following Typhoon Mawar, our dedicated team of first responders exhibited unwavering commitment to safeguarding the voiceless and vulnerable. Amidst the chaos, our team fearlessly executed animal rescues, reunited families with their beloved pets, and addressed animal control concerns including the plight of stray dogs. We also embarked on long-term initiatives to conserve Guam’s endangered ko’ko’ bird, an indigenous species on the brink of extinction. To remind us all of the threats of natural disasters, our Chief Veterinary Officer and Animal Ethicist, Dr. Tom Edling, provided valuable insights to major media outlets and networks, guiding pet owners on caring for their animals during the widespread heat advisories that impacted nearly every state in the U.S.

In exciting news, Global Humane, the international brand of American Humane, which is the world’s largest animal welfare certifier, announced the certification of both SeaWorld Abu Dhabi and Yas SeaWorld Research and Rescue. This achievement represents the first Global Humane certification in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, highlighting the exceptional level of animal care offered at the marine life theme park and its adjacent rescue facility.

Lastly, I want to introduce Dr. Nelva Bryant, a new member of the American Humane Board of Directors. Dr. Bryant exemplifies unwavering dedication and passion within the realm of veterinary care, leaving a positive impact on both animals and humans. As she continues her mission to enhance pet travel and advocate for animal welfare, her invaluable contributions to the industry remain unparalleled.

I hope you enjoy this informative newsletter, filled with stories of heroism, optimism, and most importantly unconditional love. Your steadfast support of American Humane is genuinely appreciated, as it enables us to continue to promote the welfare and safety of animals and strengthen the bond between people, animals, and the world we share.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Robin R. Ganzert, Ph.D.
President and CEO

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