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Meacham Foundation Memorial Grant

Please note: The Meacham Grant is closed for the fiscal year 2022 and future open application dates will be announced at a future date for the fiscal year 2023 and beyond.

The Meacham Foundation Memorial Grant was established in 1969, in memory of Ms. Tressa Meacham, to provide financial assistance to agencies for shelter expansion or improvements.

The Meacham Foundation Memorial Grant can help with projects such as:

    • Animal environment enrichment
    • Equipment for veterinary care
    • Equipment for spay/neuter
    • Kennel or cattery renovation
    • Capital campaigns
    • Equipment that positively impacts the welfare of animals in the shelter
  • Grant money must be used to increase and/or improve the quality of care given to animals.
  • Grants may be awarded in any amount up to $4,000.
  • Funding to any one agency is limited to $4,000 per fiscal year.
  • Individuals, businesses and corporations are not provided for in the guidelines of the fund.
  • Meacham Grants may not be used for supplementing an agency’s operating budget, reducing deficits, purchasing vehicles, fund raising (e.g., gift shops, thrift stores), or for performing routine maintenance.
  • Agencies receiving grants for construction or capital improvement must either: 1) own the property on which such improvements will be made; or 2) hold a long­term lease, with a minimum of five years remaining, on the property and/or facility.
  • Organizations receiving funds for any purpose are accountable to American Humane for the use of the grant monies as designated in the proposal.
    • At the completion of the project, or one year after the date of the award (whichever comes first), the grantee must submit a report indicating the deposition of funds and photographic or other evidence of the construction, improvement, or equipment provided by the grant.
    • A plaque or other permanent acknowledgement of the award must be displayed by organizations that receive awards from this grant.

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