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Humane Seal of Approval

After several years of recognizing excellence in equipment manufacturing and installation, American Humane is in the process of re-evaluating this program to ensure continued relevance. We welcome inquiries and discussions with equipment manufacturers on how their equipment can support our production standards. However, we will not be processing any new requests for equipment approval while we undergo this program review process.

We are considering a change of direction to recognize excellence in innovation which improves animal welfare as we believe that this is more in line with our mission: Promoting the welfare of farm animals through our science-based standards.

Humane Housing System
  • Big Dutchman USA, Holland, MI: “AVECH” Fully Enriched Colony Housing
  • Tecno Poultry Equipment, Lancaster, PA: “Colony Plus 60” Enriched Colony Housing
  • Chore-Time Egg Production Systems, Milford, IN: “Versa” Enriched Colony Housing
  • Officine Facco, San Martino, Italy: “Evo C3” Enriched Colony Housing
  • Officine Facco, San Martino, Italy: “Evo C3 Max” Enriched Colony Housing
  • Potters Poultry, Willey, UK: “AviTier 125-4 + AviNest” Modular Aviary Housing
  • VALLI S.p.A., Galeata, Italy: “Space Colony” Enriched Colony Housing
  • VALLI S.p.A., Galeata, Italy: “Design Group 3” Enriched Colony Housing
  • Potters Poultry, Willey, UK: “Compact Aviary” Modular Aviary Housing
Site Installation
  • J. S. West, Modesto, CA: Site Installation of Big Dutchman “AVECH”
Humane Equipment
  • Big Dutchman, Holland, MI: “CallMatic 2” ESF (swine)
  • Techno-Catch, Kosciusko, MS: “LAPS” Stunning for Broilers

For more information, please contact the American Humane farm animal program at (800) 227-4645 or email [email protected].

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