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American Humane has boots on the ground in tornado-ravaged central Oklahoma

The animal first responders rescued animals from unbelievable scenes of despair.

Catastrophic winds in excess of 210 mph gripped the citizens and animals of Moore, Oklahoma, but it wasn’t enough to destroy the spirit and tenacity of the town’s two- and four-legged residents.

With boots on the ground just days after a devastating EF-5 tornado ravaged parts of central Oklahoma, American Humane’s animal first responders worked feverishly with local, state and national organizations to help restore hope through an outpouring of compassion. From walking dogs and cleaning kennels to helping rescue animals from unbelievable scenes of despair, the animal first responders witnessed the first-hand the recovery of the town.

Many of the animals who were cared for appeared to belong to someone – somewhere. Many were groomed and all of them sought the attention of caring hands. American Humane’s emergency first responders helped these scared animals recover from trauma caused by the tornadoes. Each and every day, the volunteers and veterinarians worked hand-in-hand to reunite these pets with their loving families. Such valiant effort is what American Humane’s Emergency Rescue program is all about.

To this day, American Humane remains grateful to all those who pitched in to help the animals of Moore who needed it most. Mars Petcare US, makers of Pedigree Adoption Drive, sponsored the deployment of the giant Rescue Rig and donated emergency food supplies. Banfield Pet Hospital offered veterinary care, along with Zoetis Commitment to Veterinarians, who offered vitally needed medicines.

The deployment in Moore, Oklahoma would not have been possible without the help and support of Miranda Lambert and MuttNation Foundation who both helped secure the official invitation needed to provide emergency operations in on the ground in Oklahoma.


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