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It is important that teachers and other adults who work with children know when a child has experienced a loss. Simple compassion and acknowledgement of the loss, as well as providing a routine, are essential in helping the child through the grieving process.

Here are some ways teachers can help:

  • Provide a routine.
  • Notify other adults who have contact with the child of the loss.
  • Provide time to talk to a guidance counselor or other professional about the child’s loss.
  • Convey to the child that it is OK to be sad and express such feelings.
  • Provide the child with opportunities to deal with feelings that may arise during the course of the day.
  • Give the child tasks that allow him or her to take a break and leave the room.
  • Lighten the child’s workload.

Depending on the child, the following activities may be helpful:

  • Develop a class project around pet loss.
  • Read a book and lead the class in a discussion of the book.
  • Work with the class to create a bulletin board where pictures, stories, photos, poems and other memories may be posted to celebrate and remember pets.
  • Have the children keep a journal. Suggest starters such as, “I remember.…”, “One of the best times we had.…” or “My favorite thing about my pet.…”

Additional Activities  

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