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Humane HeartlandTM

Healthy Animals, Healthy Kids

American Humane Association works in association with American farmers, ranchers, distributors, academics, consumers and communities to enhance the welfare of farm animals through the American Humane CertifiedTM certification program. 

For more information on our farm programs, please visit the Humane Heartland website at

Our Impact

  • We promote the welfare and well-being of millions of animals through the American Humane Certified® farm animal welfare program.
  • We lead innovation, research, science and best practices in the humane treatment of farm animals.
  • We develop new curricula for children on farm animals, leading to a nation of healthy animals and healthy, compassionate kids.
  • We help animals, children and families in communities nationwide by furthering the dialogue between consumers and producers to create and support humane and sustainable agriculture

Our Programs

American Humane CertifiedTM auditing program

The nation’s first and premiere third-party farm animal welfare certification program. The American Humane CertifiedTM label seeks to provide consumers a choice of humanely raised beef, pork, poultry and dairy products at their grocers. Some 100 major producers representing some 5,000 farms and more than 135 million animals offer products with the American Humane CertifiedTM label, including Stonyfield Brown Cow Yogurt, Eggland’s Best cage-free eggs and Hellman’s Light Mayonnaise.

Humane Heartland Educational Curriculum

A new educational curriculum for children on farm animals is under development. This curriculum for elementary school children will cover where their food comes from and the importance of humane treatment of farm animals. The Humane Heartland curriculum will encourage children to consider the range of choices and values they and their families hold when it comes to the food they choose to eat, and encourage them to consider the impacts of those choices—on the land, their communities, farm animals, and their own health—in a positive, engaging fashion. This effort seeks to create lasting change among the next generation of consumers and ensure that humane treatment of animals is a core value in their food choices.