Caring For Your Pet

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Congratulations -- you've added a companion animal to your life!

Like a child, your pet will depend on you for everything -- nourishment, medical attention, exercise and safety.

You'll want to make sure you give him the best care possible.

You've come to the right place. These tips provide information on many areas of pet care, from choosing a collar and ID tag, to exercising your new dog or cat, to traveling with your pet, to keeping him safe at home during the cold winter months.

You’ll also discover helpful information on topics that pertain to your pet’s health, including vaccinations, the importance of spaying/neutering and what to do if your pet shows signs of illness.

And because caring for your pet throughout his life may include making the decision to relieve him of pain and suffering at the end of his life, you’ll find information about euthanasia -- when and how to make the decision, facts about the procedure itself and suggestions for dealing with the loss of a pet and the grief that accompanies that loss.

With love, commitment and proper care, your pet will grow up safe and healthy and will enrich every aspect of your life. May you enjoy every moment that you share with your new best friend!

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