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Facebook Community Usage Policy

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American Humane Association is pleased to provide our volunteers, supporters and donors with several online communities in which to hold constructive discussions, solicit advice or input, and provide support. Participation in such communities is a privilege, not a right, and is reserved for individuals who conduct themselves in a professional and responsible manner. The community administrators reserve the right to remove comments, and members who do not follow these set guidelines. We welcome your constructive criticism, however inflammatory or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

The following actions constitute removal from our communities:

  • Harassment of staff
  • Continued posting of repetitive content
  • Inflammatory or vulgar language
  • Personal attacks

Other general guidelines for your consideration:

  • No soliciting
  • No harassment, abusive behavior, personal attacks
  • No posting of personal information (contact information or personal account information, etc. of yourself, another supporter or even staff — including full names of staff members with whom you have spoken to "offline")
  • Must contribute to the community in a constructive fashion; exhibiting patience, understanding, tolerance and respect

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