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Spring 2022 Newsletter

Friends enrich our lives, encourage us when we need it most, and give us a helping hand to achieve more than we ever could do alone.

Betty White was one such friend. For 70 years, this remarkable woman, pioneering actress and passionate animal advocate, supported American Humane and used her voice to advance the cause of our best friends. When she passed away on New Year’s Eve, she continued to support our mission through an outpouring of generous donations made possible by the #BettyWhiteChallenge. As a result, we are in an even better position to save, shelter, feed and protect hundreds of millions of animals around the world.

But make no mistake . . . it wasn’t just Betty White’s friendship that made this happen. It was yours.

It was you and tens of thousands of other animal lovers who stepped up and made a difference through this challenge. For friends such as you, we are deeply grateful.

We hope to show our gratitude through our deeds, just a sampling of which appear in this latest newsletter, where you will find the accounts of our latest rescues, our ongoing work to feed and care for animals during the pandemic, and our efforts to protect Earth’s rich treasures of animal life for our children.

I hope you enjoy our latest stories of compassion, hope and love. On behalf of each and every one of the beautiful creatures we help every day, thank you for your love and your world-changing friendship

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