Annual Reports

Annual Report 2022

A Message from President and CEO Dr. Robin Ganzert 

All of us like to think we can make an impact in this world. 

Our hopes are heartfelt and sincere, yet most of us inwardly wonder at some time or another if we will be able to make a difference that lasts and touches more than just our own lives. We dream of leaving great accomplishments, inventions and discoveries that will change the world for the better. Yet the greatest gifts we can give are already within our reach: Love, caring, kindness and compassion. 

For 145 years, American Humane has been working to make the world a better place by protecting the treasured creatures who share and enrich our lives, teaching the power of compassion to our children and by creating simple ways all of us can join hands every day to build a kinder, gentler world. Today, it’s easier than ever to make an impact on the lives of our animal friends by choosing a humane lifestyle and supporting humane rescue and conservation, choosing humane certified foods, pet providers and entertainment, and helping to harness the remarkable power of the human-animal bond. 

Thanks to you and animal lovers around the world who have chosen to pursue a lifestyle dedicated to kindness, in just the past year American Humane was able to: 

Save, shelter, feed and care for 492,153 animals lost and abandoned during the COVID-19 pandemic, the California wildfires, Hurricane Ian and the war in Ukraine. 

Protect 75,000 beloved animals working in film and television productions through our historic No Animals Were Harmed® program. 

Help ensure the welfare and humane treatment of nearly 400,000 remarkable and endangered species living in the world’s zoos, aquariums and conservation centers. 

Save the lives of veterans and animals by finding dogs in need of forever homes and training them as free, life-saving service animals for discharged warriors struggling to cope with Post- Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury. 

Help ensure that more than a billion farm animals have proper space, food, water, heat, cooling, lighting and numerous other humane protections. 

American Humane does all this while carefully stewarding the charitable dollars with which we are entrusted, which is why Charity Navigator awarded us its top “4-star” rating for the sixth year in a row – something achieved by very few nonprofits. 

Make an impact by making compassion a daily lifestyle choice and help us write more of the heartwarming stories of caring, compassion and hope you will read in this report. By doing so, you will create a lasting legacy of love of which every one of us can be proud. 

Robin R. Ganzert, Ph.D.
President and CEO

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