Position Statement

Cat Colonies

We support trap, neuter and release programs for colony cats

American Humane has a long history of concern for the humane treatment and responsible ownership of cats.

The population of cats in the U.S. without homes is large, with many communities reporting increased numbers of cats entering shelters, and increased numbers of cats being euthanized. Most healthy cats entering U.S. shelters do not find homes. In some situations, safe cat colonies can be maintained by caretakers. American Humane supports trap, neuter and release programs for colony cats – especially for feral cats. Whenever possible, homes should be found for colony cats that might be successfully socialized to live in a good home. National data suggest that cats receive less veterinary care, trend higher for intakes at shelters, and are more likely to be euthanized than dogs. In spite of being America’s most popular pet, these animals receive far too little support for their unique issues.