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Animals in Entertainment

American Humane’s Film and Television Unit was founded in 1940 to provide for protections for animal actors in entertainment. The No Animals Were Harmed® certification program promotes evidence-based standards to ensure the humane treatment, welfare and well-being of animals working in entertainment.

American Humane opposes any form of entertainment that features or involves the abuse of animals of any breed or species, and any legislation that would legalize such practices. When animals are involved in entertainment, they must be treated humanely at all times and they must be transported in a humane and safe manner that includes security from injury, sufficient space, frequent stops for natural exercise and rest, and appropriate provision of water, environmental temperature, air quality, and food, plus attention to cleanliness and hygiene needs.

American Humane, as an animal advocacy organization, acknowledges that a wide range of entertainment venues, many of which cross over from performing animals to animals used in sporting competitions, are an ongoing part of our society and culture and that it is a reality that animals are and will continue to be used in these entertainment venues. As such, we support improvements in animal welfare legislation regarding these venues and take the position that when animals are used in legal entertainment venues, a high standard of care should be in place. Further, American Humane  believes all training of animals used in entertainment should be humane and based on positive reinforcement techniques.

American Humane  also supports a humane retirement for all animals used in entertainment venues. We do not condone when retired animals in entertainment are abandoned to sub-standard facilities, canned hunts, slaughter facilities or invasive research.