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Animal Transportation

Animal in transport must be protected and treated with the highest levels of welfare and humane handling.

American Humane believes animal transport programs via air, ground and water should employ rigorous welfare standards, adherence to which are confirmed through rigorous, independent audits. Just like people, animals deserve to be safe and comfortable on their voyage. Pet owners should not fear that their animals may not make it to the final destination safely and securely. 

As the largest certifier of animal welfare in the world, American Humane steadfastly believes in independent audits of animal operations using science-based welfare standards set by the world’s leading animal experts. To that end, in 2018 American Humane and the world’s leading animal scientists, animal welfare specialists, veterinarians and animal ethicists undertook a comprehensive examination of the myriad factors affecting the health, safety, comfort and welfare of pets traveling by air in order to develop standards and best practices to keep our best friends safe during air travel. In addition, rigorous standards, including pre-flight veterinary checks, not only protect animals in transit but potentially entire populations of people and animals in the destination areas, as they can help to identify contagious diseases before travel takes place. 

American Humane strongly advocates the adoption of national standards by the airline industry, as well as a certification program to ensure that these standards are being met. As with the human members of their families, travelers and the rest of the animal-loving public should demand a high degree of protection and safety for their four-legged companions.