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Pups4Patriots for Women 

American Humane Pups4Patriots™ provides lifesaving service dogs for veterans and first responders with Post-Traumatic Stress or Traumatic Brain Injury — with a special emphasis on serving women.

Since 1948, when the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act was passed, millions of women have served as members of the military — on the frontlines, back at home, and everywhere in between. The invisible burden following a veteran’s, or first responder’s, heroic service is already a lot to carry, but additional factors often add even more weight to a female veteran’s experience.

Every day, approximately 184 veterans are diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and PTS is more common among female veterans (13%) versus male Veterans (6%). Additionally, female veterans are more likely to have experienced Military Sexual Trauma (MST) during their service, impacting an estimated one in every three female service members. Surviving MST often also means having to face countless other hardships that can impact relationships, physical and mental health, substance use, and more.

American Humane Pups4Patriots proudly seeks to serve all veterans and first responders in need, regardless of gender or orientation. Learn more about our approach →



We have witnessed awe-inspiring changes in female veterans and first responders who have a Pups4Patriots service dog by their side as they follow their healing journey.

All Pups4Patriots dogs are trained according to American Humane’s service dog guidelines, which are informed by a Scientific Advisory Committee and tailored to maximize the service dogs’ efficacy as a treatment method for veterans and first responders with PTS and TBI, as well as MST. And once our Pups4Patriots experts match a veteran or first responder with a lifesaving canine, the pair embarks on a handler training course to ensure they are well-prepared for their new phase of life.

Many women begin the training process doubting their skills, but through their trainer’s encouragement, and as their dog becomes attuned to their needs, they transform. They begin speaking up, standing up straighter, and even smiling and laughing more often.

Before being matched with a service dog, the veterans and first responders we serve often have a hard time leaving their homes alone and give up activities they once loved out of fear. Many survivors avoid touch and affection, even from their closest loved ones, after their trauma, and a devoted, furry companion helps break down these walls. Our graduates share that they can go about their lives with regained confidence, and their family, friends, and co-workers remark on how they are returning to their old selves — thanks to their service dogs.

If you or someone you know may benefit from a Pups4Patriots service dog, apply today.

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American Humane is committed to harnessing the healing power of the human-animal bond to put more healing leashes into the hands of more veterans and first responders in need.

To date, American Humane has provided more than 200 lifesaving service dogs and nearly 73% of our current Pups4Patriots teams in training have a female veteran or first responder. Thanks to the generous support of donors, this program continues to serve more heroes each year.

2023 Impact Report