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Helping veterans get service dogs

American Humane provides funding and support to veterans with PTS and TBI who are seeking lifesaving service dogs.


  • Only active or retired military individuals with a PTS diagnosis are considered for the Wags4Patriots grant.
  • Funding may be used only to help offset the adoption costs for obtaining a PTS service dog. Funding is paid directly to the service dog agency.
  • Funding is contingent upon the individual successfully completing the service dog agency’s application to qualify for a PTS service dog.
  • Only applications received through the appropriate online submission process will be eligible. Funding is awarded on a case-by-case basis.

Before submitting an application, applicants must ensure that it includes all of the following documents or their request will be considered incomplete and may be discarded:

  • Prescription for a PTS service dog from a medical professional
  • Completed and signed grant application
  • Photograph(s) of applicant
  • Signed media release

The following additional documents will also be required prior to the award of any grant:

  • Copy of 501(c)(3) letter from the applicable credentialed service dog agency
  • Photograph(s) of service dog
  • Receipt from the applicable service dog agency for adoption costs

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For many veterans, there is another type of battle awaiting them when they return home from a war zone—reintegrating into civilian life. The wounds of war can remain long after the immediate threat of battle is over. Unfortunately, many of these wounds are invisible and are not immediately apparent to a veteran’s friends or family members. Some veterans begin to…
November 7, 2016

American Humane Hosts National Convening to Help Veterans with PTS Service Dogs

Lifesaving post-traumatic stress (PTS) service dogs help many of our country’s veterans cope with the invisible wounds of war. But some military heroes report that commercial venues, such as restaurants or stores, illegally refuse to accommodate their specially trained service animals. American Humane commissioned a new survey of U.S. retail employees to learn more about this unacceptable discrimination against military…
September 21, 2016