Our Standards

Our Standards

The American Humane Certified™ Animal Welfare Standards are species-specific and grounded on solid scientific research. The standards were created with input from renowned animal science experts and veterinarians and are frequently reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Committee to reflect current research, technological advances and humane handling methods. Our Animal Welfare Standards are based upon the guiding principles of the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare. With more than 200 rigorous, science-based standards covering everything from adequate space to air and water quality, heating, lighting, shade, and the animals’ ability to engage in natural behaviors. American Humane Certified producers are audited for their compliance to the standards. Our audit tools, full standards, and supplemental templates are fully transparent and can be downloaded below.

Supplemental Traceability Audit

Traceability Audit Tool

Standards Documents

Animal Welfare Audit Tools

Beef Cattle Audit Tool

Bison Audit Tool

Broiler Chickens Audit Tool
(Download in Spanish)

Dairy Cattle Audit Tool
(Download in Spanish)

Dairy Goats Audit Tool

Dairy Sheep Audit Tool

Ducks (Meat and Egg Layers)

Hatcheries Audit Tool

Layers Cage Free Audit Tool
(Download in Spanish)

Layers Free Range & Pasture Audit Tool

Swine Audit Tool

Turkey Audit Tool

Animal Welfare Full Standards + Supplements

Beef Cattle Full Standards

Broiler Chickens Full Standards
(Download in Spanish)

Dairy Cattle Full Standards
(Download in Spanish)

Layers Cage Free Full Standards

Layers Free Range & Pasture Full Standards

Swine Full Standards

Turkey Full Standards

Supplemental Farm Manual Templates

American Humane Certified™ Farm Manual – Dairy Cattle

Notification of Nonconformance Doc

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