RESCUE ALERT: Responding to Catastrophic Flooding in Kentucky

August 12

Harrowing Rescue Effort Saves Animal Lives

Yesterday morning, our rescue team was alerted to another urgent animal rescue needed in Knott County. Neighbors in a local community heard several dogs barking from a vacant home affected by the tragic flooding. Our team immediately set out to answer the call.

The mission to rescue these dogs was treacherous, with several downed trees and powerlines blocking our path. Our team donned safety gear and used ladders to climb a washed-out ravine to reach the vacant house. Upon arrival, our team saw a litter of dogs ranging from six months to 1 year old – desperate for help and suffering from dehydration and malnourishment, with some needing immediate veterinary care. The dogs were gently guided into crates and transported to the Kentucky Regional Animal Shelter, where they received the care and comfort they needed.

Additionally, the team has rescued several other animals, including four small Pomeranians from an unoccupied home and six young, innocent puppies from another residence.

Our team continues to work tirelessly around the clock alongside local and state resources, determined to ensure any rescued, displaced, or suffering animals are getting help and much-needed care. We are so thankful for recent gifts allowing us to reach those who need us the most. Only through your generosity can American Humane’s team of first responders respond at a moment’s notice. Thank you for helping protect, rescue, and care for animals facing the most desperate circumstances.

August 10

This week, American Humane’s team of first responders and our 50-foot rescue truck responded to an urgent request in the wake of catastrophic flooding in the eastern part of Kentucky that killed 37 people and displaced thousands of Kentuckians and their beloved pets.

Right now, the American Humane Rescue team is on the ground working alongside IFAW and ASPCA, helping local authorities and animal shelters in Perry, Knott, Letcher, and Breathitt counties. In addition to the four counties we are currently serving, an urgent request came from Floyd County to replenish their pet food and water supplies. By making an urgent gift today, you can help save animal lives. Your generosity will allow us to continue this work in natural disasters and go towards all our lifesaving and impactful programs