Join us in honoring Betty White's incredible legacy

In honor of Betty's lifelong legacy of helping animals, a generous donor has stepped up with a $15,000 matching gift to double the impact of your gift dollar-for-dollar.

Our dear friend Betty White was a compassionate and devoted animal advocate for nearly a century. Through her 70-year support of American Humane, she volunteered her service as a member of American Humane’s board of directors, supported our “No Animals Were Harmed®” program protecting animals in film and television, served as a judge and presenter for the nationally televised American Humane Hero Dog Awards™, and served as the chair of our nationwide “Be Kind to Animals Week®,” the most successful humane education campaign and the oldest commemorative week in U.S. history.

To cement Betty’s legacy for years to come, an anonymous donor has stepped forward with a $15,000 matching gift. This means your contribution today will be matched dollar-for-dollar, so a gift of $25 becomes $50, a gift of $100 becomes $200 and a generous gift of $500 becomes $1,000!

$15,000 MATCHING GIFT CHALLENGE: In honor of Betty White’s lifelong commitment to helping animals, your tax-deductible gift to American Humane will be DOUBLED (up to $15,000). An anonymous donor has generously stepped forward with a $15,000 matching gift and is challenging compassionate animal lovers like you to help us raise an additional $15,000 this month.

Through your generosity, we can have an even more significant impact on the innocent animals who need our support.

*Please note that once we have fulfilled the $15,000 matching grant, any additional funds will go to all of American Humane’s lifesaving work to build a more compassionate world for our nation’s animals.