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Veterinary insurance

Should I get pet insurance for my pet’s veterinary care?

There are many ways to make sure your pet receives proper, yet affordable, medical care.

Your vet may offer special seasonal promotions for heart worm medication or vaccinations. And, low-cost spay/neuter procedures and other medical services can often be found through your yellow pages or through referral by your local shelter.

Another way to reduce your veterinary costs is to purchase veterinary insurance. Veterinary insurance can provide coverage for vaccinations and regular check-ups, as well as significant cost-savings for specific procedures. Policies vary by provider, and more information regarding insurance companies can be found at http://www.petinsurancefinder.com/ 

Please contact your veterinarian or your local shelter for more information about pet insurance providers and the policy that’s right for you.

Updated On
September 8, 2016
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