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Years of neglect and rain give way to a sunny future for a Siberian Huskey and Her Six Pups

Imagine a young, terrified dog who has only known a life of neglect with little shelter from the cold and rain, about to give birth to a litter of puppies. She is a soon-to-be mother, fighting resiliently day after day, unsure of what the future will hold.

That was Mia, a two-year-old Siberian Husky, not long ago. Restricted as an outside-only dog with very little protection from harsh weather, Mia had faced unimaginable hardships her whole life. Thankfully, a rescue group heard about Mia and sprung to action as quickly as they could.

But before they could reach her, Mia had given birth to six puppies and their rescue grew from a mission for one to a mission for a family. To make circumstances even more dire, Mia was also suffering from mastitis, a ruptured mammary gland, and gastrointestinal issues, signs of the years of hardship Mia had endured.

With assistance from American Humane’s Second Chance Grant program, and through the valiant efforts of the local rescue group, Mia and her pups received the urgent and critical care they needed.

They were transported to a rescue in New Jersey, where they received immediate veterinary care and were quickly embraced by a loving foster family, before successfully finding their forever homes. Mia displayed remarkable strength and resilience, and against all odds, she and all six puppies survived.

At American Humane, we stand firm in our belief that all animals deserve compassion and humane treatment. Animals like Mia, who, despite suffering unimaginable cruelty, can find compassion and love in a second chance at life.

Because of the kindness and generosity of donors who make this lifesaving work possible, Mia and her puppies are now thriving. Slowly but surely, the clouds that hung over Mia’s life have parted, giving way to a bright future full of hope.

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