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This Adopt-A-Cat Month®, be a Hero for a Cat in Need

This June is American Humane’s 46th annual Adopt-A-Cat Month®, and it is more important than ever before. While June always marks the height of “kitten season,” when numerous litters of kittens are born and often end up in animal shelters, this June is different. Lack of foot traffic, funding and supplies at shelters that struggled to maintain operations during the COVID-19 pandemic further threatens these beautiful felines and their hopes to find a forever home.

The pandemic created an additional cause for concern. According to a study by the American Pet Products Association, more than 12 million U.S. households got a new pet in 2020. And now that Americans are transitioning back to the office after more than a year of remote work, shelters are reporting increases in owner surrenders. If owner surrenders continue to surge, the need in shelters will only climb. That is why we are urging animal lovers to celebrate Adopt-A-Cat Month® by visiting their local animal shelter and adopting a cat – or two.

All cats deserve loving homes and pet parents who will ensure they get the best possible care. By bringing home a new kitten and/or senior cat, you can be a hero and find a new best friend.

Adopt-A-Cat Month® is part of a larger effort by American Humane to help our feline friends and solve the unique challenges and issues they face. Although cats have often been referred to as America’s “Most Popular Pet,” they receive less veterinary care, have less research dedicated to their unique health/behavioral issues, are more likely to be feral, and are more likely to be euthanized in shelters than dogs.

Whether you’re bringing home your first cat or adding to your brood, we want to ensure all pet owners are prepared for the joyful – and sometimes confusing – moments of adopting a cat. Check out our resources before you begin the search, and good luck finding your PURRRfect pet!

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