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Tennessee Deployment: Two Weeks of Love

Two weeks ago, more than 30 abused and neglected dogs who were dramatically malnourished and riddled with parasites were seized by local law enforcement in Tennessee. The recent snow and subfreezing temperatures prompted authorities to act and take the animals to safety. The American Humane rescue team promptly rushed to scene to support local partners in setting up a temporary emergency shelter where the dogs, who were emaciated from hunger and starved for basic human kindness, were given food, medical treatment and intensive 24-hour TLC.

Now two weeks later, the results are spectacular. Not only do the dogs look healthier physically, but enormous progress has been made for them mentally. They are happier and becoming more comfortable with human interaction. Each day, the rescue team spends time just sitting and talking to the pups, allowing them to slowly adjust to our presence and become more comfortable. As their trust grows, the responders can slowly move closer.

Corie, an American Humane volunteer, has the method down perfectly and it’s a magical experience to witness a petrified dog, who has never seen human kindness, slowly let down their guard and give in to the loving attention of a caring person.

This pup pictured below was one such dog who was extremely nervous and hard to handle two weeks ago. Now, with slow and careful movements, Corie can approach him and even pet him.

These dogs have been through the ringer and experienced cruelty that no animal ever should, but they are still sweethearts at their core, and their true personality is starting to shine through.

This dog, who we nicknamed “Oreo,” started out especially traumatized. He would cower and shake at the back of his crate when any responder approached. Now, he is becoming more accustomed to our presence and although he’s not quite ready to let us touch him, he is looking more curious and relaxed, and always inching closer.

Oreo cowering.
Oreo, relaxed and curious as a responder sits nearby.

With just two weeks of love, these animals have grown significantly. And soon, they will be ready to head to their foster homes to continue their journey! They all deserve the best the world has to offer, and hopefully each will eventually find their own forever family, free from the cruelty that was their past.

This rescue operation would not have been possible without the dedicated support of the volunteers and local veterinarians and partners. The entire team is committed, heart and soul, to caring for animals. To help support our lifesaving efforts, donate at

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