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Stories From the Frontlines of the Conservation Movement

Summer is just around the corner! Looking for a great way to spend the long, hot summer days? We recommend visiting an American Humane Certified™ zoo or aquarium! The good work that professionals at Humane Certified™ zoological institutions do is helping to save species, provide lifesaving research and education, and inspire millions of visitors each year to protect the animals that they see and interact with. By supporting these facilities, you can become engaged in wonderful ways to build a better, more humane world.

Here are a few recent stories of hope and healing from the frontlines of the conservation movement:

SeaWorld, an American Humane Certified™ facility and one of the largest marine animal rescue organizations in the world, has surpassed the major milestone of rescuing 40,000 injured, sick and orphaned animals! Since its first rescue of a beached Dall’s porpoise in 1965, the SeaWorld Rescue team has passionately dedicated time, energy and resources to help a wide range of marine and terrestrial animals, with the goal of returning them to the wild.

Just this month, the SeaWorld Orlando Rescue team, alongside partners in the Manatee Rescue & Rehabilitation Partnership, returned two manatees back to their natural environments. Yago was rescued in February after being observed swimming on his side and emaciated. Donut was rescued in January presenting as very thin with a high respiratory rate. Both manatees were rehabilitated at SeaWorld’s Rescue facility and are finally back home, healthy and happy. Yago and Donut’s return to the ocean will contribute to the conservation and survival of manatees in Florida.

Heartfelt congratulations to SeaWorld!

Since 2010, the Fort Worth Zoo, another American Humane Certified™ facility, has taken part in a highly successful statewide effort to help the endangered Houston toad bounce back from the brink. The toad, native to Texas, is at risk of being wiped out completely from existence. It’s been on the endangered species list since 1970, but staff at the Fort Worth Zoo are giving this squat, brown toad a fighting chance by playing matchmaker. Since 2010, zoo officials have been breeding Houston toads as part of a highly successful conservation program with partners across the state.

This year, the Fort Worth Zoo produced more than 430 thousand eggs. Once the eggs are accounted for, they go to a release site in the hope that they will boost dwindling populations in the wild. A new federal grant is set to triple their breeding capacity next year.

Thank you to the conservations, researchers and scientists who are saving the Houston toad from extinction.

And for our Canada friends – an American Humane Certified™ facility north of the border, the Vancouver Aquarium, launched a brand-new interactive exhibit earlier this month called Wildlife Rescue: Miracles in Conservation! The exhibit will allow guests to have interactive experiences involving 12 endangered species, including the Burmese star tortoise, Crested gecko, Domestic ferret, Western fox snake, Cane toad, Hog Island Boa Constrictor, Malagasy tree boa, Red knee tarantula, Green and Black Dart frog. The exhibit will feature hands-on opportunities with interactive displays, allowing guests to explore the wonders of these unique species.

We hope you enjoy these heartwarming stories from the frontlines. Humane Certified zoos and aquariums can only be called nature’s last arks of hope in preserving the rich legacy of life on our planet. However, they can’t do it without your help. If you’re looking for something fun and educational to do this summer, with or without your kids, show your support by visiting one near you.

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