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Recon, the 2022 Service Hero Dog

Bobby struggled every day with pain, even from simple tasks that most people don’t even think about. His pain was due to a Traumatic Brain Injury, incurred from many years working as a Bomb Squad Technician. The work took not only a physical toll, but a psychological one as well. He was not the same person everyone remembered, and this was extremely demoralizing. Bobby felt his life was a mess, that is, until he met Recon.

Recon is Bobby’s service dog, and with Recon by his side, Bobby’s life has changed for the better. Recon picks up dropped items so that Bobby doesn’t have to. When Recon senses the need, he braces himself so that Bobby can lean against him and regain his balance. Recon has improved Bobby’s mobility and stability, helping him regain a sense of purpose. People who have known Bobby for a long time tell him, “It’s great to see the olde Bobby again!”

In August 2021, Recon and Bobby participated in a 5K virtual event by hiking a trail in New River Gorge National Park. Bobby fell and became stuck between some rocks. He was injured, unable to free himself, and knew Recon was his only hope. He gave the command to “Go Get Help.” Although Bobby was scared, he trusted Recon completely, and Recon did indeed save Bobby’s life that day. Recon proved himself to be not just an extraordinary service dog, but a hero.

Recon was named the 2022 Service Hero Dog in the American Humane Hero Dog Awards®! This category is sponsored by Window World. You can vote for Recon to be crowned the 2022 American Hero Dog at Show your support for Recon on social media using #HeroDogAwards.

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