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Protecting Animal Stars

Black Beauty, Old Yeller, Seabiscuit, Babe and Lassie. This just a small sample of some of the biggest Blockbuster hits that featured animal stars. Many of us have fallen in love with animals by watching them on the big screen at the movies or at home on television when we were children. These amazing, talented and funny animal actors are a treasured part of our culture, playing some of the most famous and most loved characters of all time, but how can we ensure that the animals on set are treated humanely? Look for American Humane’s No Animals Were Harmed® seal of approval!

The protection of animal actors is not just our duty, but our heartfelt mission. American Humane’s No Animals Were Harmed® program, the only industry-sanctioned effort with oversight of animals in filmed production, has made the protection of animal actors its mission for more than 80 years. Our certification is the trusted standard for the humane treatment of animals in film and television, recognized internationally by moviemakers, TV producers and the viewing public, who rightfully expect and demand that No Animals Were Harmed® in the making of filmed entertainment.

It was not always like that, however.

In Hollywood’s early days, animals were expendable props. If the script called for it, they were put in jeopardy without a second thought. This was never more apparent than during the filming of the classic Western, Jesse James, in 1939, when a horse was deliberately ridden over a cliff to its death. The American public was rightly outraged and demanded action. American Humane answered that call.

National Pets in Film Day is observed annually on June 19 and in honor of this upcoming day, we are proud to share that since 1940, we have protected millions of animal actors in nearly a hundred thousand motion pictures and television shows! Our program has brought about a huge advance in the treatment of animals and has completely transformed the humane environment for so many of our most favorite actors. Our famous end-credit, “No Animals Were Harmed®,” is the symbol of humane treatment, recognized worldwide by the viewing public.

We call on all productions, no matter how big or small, to include American Humane safety representatives on set to help ensure their commitment to animal safety. If you fail to see the “No Animals Were Harmed” designation at the end of a movie or TV show that features animals, it may indicate a culture that does not prioritize human and animal safety.

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