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  • Keep Your Pet Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

    Cory Gunkel / July 21, 2022
    A heat wave is gripping the country, with more than 60 million Americans experiencing triple-digit heat over the next week.  But it’s not only us people who are sweltering under…
  • MWD Akim is Home at Last

    Savannah Young / July 14, 2022
    This week, American Humane facilitated the reunion of retired Military Working Dog Akim and Senior Airman Jenna, Akim’s former handler and best friend. After nearly a year apart, Akim finally…
  • This Summer, Keep Your Canine Companion Cool

    Lindsey Kostura / June 27, 2022
    As many of us know, leaving a pet in a parked vehicle can be life-threatening in hot weather. But did you know that even when it’s a comfortable 70 degrees…
  • Protecting Animal Stars

    Savannah Young / June 16, 2022
    Black Beauty, Old Yeller, Seabiscuit, Babe and Lassie. This just a small sample of some of the biggest Blockbuster hits that featured animal stars. Many of us have fallen in…
  • This June, Prepare for Your Pets

    Savannah Young / June 9, 2022
    Although June marks the beginning of summer, complete with school vacation, outdoor concerts, picnics and more fun activities, June also coincides with National Pet Preparedness Month. Last summer, deadly wildfires…