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Our Rescue Team Deploys to Flood-Ravaged South Carolina — Not Once, But Twice!

In early October 2015, the state of South Carolina requested assistance from American Humane’s Emergency Rescue Team. The team of animal first responders immediately deployed to South Carolina to distribute pet supplies to animals suffering in the wake of massive floods which displaced hundreds of animals including dogs, cats and horses.

Teams worked alongside the National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition (NARSC) members ASPCA, CODE 3 and IFAW in horrific conditions to assess animal issues and the overall need in the disaster area while setting up emergency shelters to house the displaced animals.

After two weeks of animal rescue operations in difficult working environments, the rescue teams felt that conditions on the ground subsided, and our valiant first responders were able to return home to their families.

Shortly thereafter, the state of South Carolina recalled all Emergency Rescue Efforts, including the American Humane Emergency rescue team.

On October 28, the Emergency Rescue Team deployed to the flood-ravished areas for a second time at the request of the Berkley County Emergency Management Office, the South Carolina Management Division and the Doc Williams SPCA Animal Shelter, which was hard-pressed to find a solution for a growing problem of overflowing animal shelters in the area.

American Humane’s first responders worked to transfer the overflow of dogs and cats at the Doc Williams shelter by relocating dogs and cats to other receiving shelters in the state. During the transfer, every attempt was made to reunify dogs and cats with their owners.

“The Emergency Rescue team was there for the families, pets, and shelter animals who suffered in the wake of the devastating flooding,” said Randal Collins, the National Director for the Emergency Rescue Program for Animals. “We will keep coming back as long as we are needed.”

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