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On the Heels of Hurricane Laura, American Humane Remains First to Serve

On August 20, Hurricane Laura, a deadly Category 4 hurricane packing winds of up to 150 mph hit the coast of Louisiana bringing catastrophic storm surge and causing widespread damage. Roofs were ripped off, streets were flooded, and hundreds of thousands of residents were left without power. Additionally, many families were separated from their beloved pets.

American Humane proudly remains the first to serve animals whenever and wherever animals are in need, and our emergency first responders were quickly on the ground in Louisiana to provide assistance to local animal shelters inundated with displaced pets. These pets were either lost in the storm or were tragically surrendered from families who lost their homes in the storm’s destruction.

As part of the rescue mission, American Humane successfully transported 37 cats and kittens hundreds of miles from Louisiana to Enid SPCA in Colorado. Safe and sound in Colorado, these precious kitties will be closer to finding their forever homes, and not at risk of euthanasia because of overpopulation in the Louisiana shelters.

The devastation from Hurricane Laura will likely take years to clean up, and it is a reminder that natural disasters are not only a crisis for humans, but also for shelter pets. The terrifying and harrowing experience these innocent animals suffered is truly unimaginable.

Unfortunately, there is a potential for more ravaging storms as an above-normal 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is expected. American Humane’s rescue team will always be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to rescue, protect and care for animals, even in the face of extraordinary tragedy. To help us continue our lifesaving work, especially during this daunting hurricane season, please consider donating to our rescue relief fund.

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